Tata Memorial Hospital In Mumbai Best Cancer Hospital In India

  Mumbai Tata Memorial Hospital 

i am going to share about fact of  tata memorial hospital Mumbai location,
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Tata Memorial Hospital funded in 1941,the  Tata memorial hospital is today, a landmark entity,Tata Memorial Hospital recognized across the globe as one of the premier institutes providing comprehensive and the most up to data cancer care to patients for 75 years. since its inception the institute has adhered to its mission of providing cancer care to one and all irrespective of there social or economic status through a constant focus on service, education and research.this has been primarily possible due to the unrestrained support from the department of atomic energy under the government of India

Mumbai Tata Memorial Hospital Best Cancer Hospital In India

 Tata Memorial Hospital India's largest Cancer Hospital

  tata memorial hospital center to more then half a million patients coming from all part of the country on an annual basis. while the institute continues to serve an ever increasing number of patients, there are equal amounts of efforts made towards imparting  .oncology education and research. this is evident from the fact that about 60% of the oncology manpower in the country is trained at the tata memorial hospital.

A dedicated research facility with full time research staff has been established to encourage and engage into cutting edge oncology research working towards identifying more efficacious and effective means of treating cancer in the Indian set-up.the hospital has also acted advisory level support and guiding sister institutes and upcoming centers in adopting best practices in cancer care with regards to administration as well as clinical services.

 The first chemotherapy Machine in Tata Memorial Hospital

over the years, the hospital has taken several pioneering initiatives such as installing the first chemotherapy machine, the first PET-CT in India, the first bone marrow transplant unit etc, and has presented several land mark research papers at national and international levels; which have chanced the practice in cancer care . the hospital has a highly evolved hospital information system and has made the optimum use of technology by providing facilities like cashless transactions and web based electronic medical records to its patients.

   Tata Memorial Hospital Achievements 

 The need for cancer care facilities has been increasing exponentially, which is manifest in the fact that the number of new cases registered at the hospital 
 4-5% annually for the past decade and the hospital saw a total of about 70,000 new cases registering during in the year 2016 leading to  more than 9,000 surgeries. 1.4 lack day care chemo-therapies and more then 10,000 radiation therapies provided at the hospital. with regard to fulfilling this needs, the tata memorial hospital has ventured into setting up multiple new centers in different parts of the country in addition to being an integral part of the envisioned national cancer grid to be set up pan-india to take best quality cancer care to the door step of care seekers.

 Glorious though its achievements may be, the tata memorial hospital center pledges to not rest on past achievements and to continue to give succor to cancer patients, offer them the best chance of care, of life, relief from pain in continuing tributes to vision and dedication of those who have guided the destiny of this institution.


 Surgical oncology specialization

Gastrointestinal, Bone and soft tissue, plastic and reconstructive, head and neck, thoracic, Genitourinary, breast, general

Diagnostic :

CT/MRI, X-Ray, USG, Color Doppler, Echocardiography, Mammography, OPG, DSA, PET scan,Tumour Markers.

Radiation Oncology:

Cobalt 60, Linear Accelarator, Simulation

Medical Onocolgy :

Dry care, in- patient administration

Other support system:

Palliative Counseling, Psychological support, NGO suport, stoma care, Lymphedema management, Clinical research, Genetic counseling, pain clinic.


Director : Dr R.N. Badwe

Medical Oncology :

Dr. S.K. Pai, Dr. S. D. Banavali, Dr. P.A. Kurkure, Dr. B.Arora

Medical Oncology Adult:

Dr. H.Menon, Dr.Reena Nair, Dr. S.Gupta, Dr.V.R. Pai, Dr. K.Prabash, Dr. N.Khattry

GI Unit : 

Dr. P.J.Shukla, Dr. S.V.Shrikhande, Dr. P.Patil, Dr.S. Mehata, Dr. K.Mohandas.

Bone and Soft Tissue :

Dr. A. Puri, Dr. M.G.Agarwal.

Plastic and Reconstructive unit :

Dr. P.S. Yadav, Dr. Q.G.Ahmed.

 Head and Neck Unit :

Dr.D.A. Chaukar, Dr. A.K. D' Cruz, Dr. R.P. Chaturvedi, Dr. P.S. Pai.

Thoracic Unit : 

Dr. C.S. Pramesh, Dr. George.

ACTREC Consulant :

Dr.A. Bakshi, Dr. M.Sengar

Breast Unit :
Dr. R.A.Badwe, Dr. Vani Parmar.

Raditation oncology :

Dr. N.H. Merchant, Dr. U.M. Mohan Shetty, Dr. R.Engineer, Dr. A.N.Badrykar,, Dr. A.Munshi, Dr. T. Gupta, Dr. R. Sarin,Dr. M. A Mukaden, Dr. S.S.Laskar,Dr. R.Jalali,Dr. R.L. Bhalavat,Dr. J.P.Agarwal,Dr. S.(Ghosh) Laskar,Dr. S.K.Srivastav.

Travel Guide for Delegates

Hematopathology Laboratory Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr. Ernest Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai 400 012.

From Domestic Airport:

  10 – 12 Kms. Prepaid Taxi Rs. 300/ max.

From CST Rly Station: (Central Railway

It is 6 - 8 Kms. Metered Taxi Fare Rs.100 – 150/-/- max.

 Local BEST Bus Service:

Direct buses: Route # 9, 14. 61 . Tata Hospital Bus Stop

 Local Trains : 

From CST platform # 3 or 4 slow train of Main line - Parel Station
10 minutes walking distance - Parel East . ( other land marks – near KEM Hospital / Wadia Hospital )
Mumbai Central Rly Stn (Western Railway) : 6 Kms. Metered Taxi : Rs. 100 -120/- max.

Local BEST Bus Service :

 Direct bus Route # . 61. 64 and 67. Tata Hospital Bus Stop Local Trains : From Mumbai Central platform # 1 slow train - Elphinstone Station 10 minutes walking distance - Elphinstone East . ( other land marks – near KEM Hospital / Wadia Hospital )

 Dadar Rly Stn (Central & Westeren Railway)

From Dadar East - 2 Kms. Metered Taxi : Rs. 30/- max. Local BEST Bus Service : Dadar TT Bus Stop : Direct bus Route # 40 Ltd , 64, 65, 67, 213 & 368 Ltd. Tata Hosp / KEM Hosp / Wadia Hosp stop .

 Special quick Services from Dadar Station East to Tata Memorial Hospital Gate
 Option 1. Frequent Sharing Taxi Service - Rs 10/- Per person.

Option 2. BEST Bus service – Route # 217 Dadar Stn East to Tata Hospital Gate.

Also you can download PDF File 

Tata Memorial  Hospital Address

Dr. Ernest Borges Road, Parel. 
mumbai 4000012

Tata Memorial  Hospital tel. no;-



E-mail : msoffice@tmc.gov.in ( for patient care and queries)/ 

hrd@tmc.gov.in( for administrative- HRD matters )




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